Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters
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Kindness Matters is a 6 x 8" set of 12 clear photopolymer stamps. This set is centered around kindness, a thing this world could always use a little more of. The three flower images, stepped out perfectly for layering, are an updated version of flowers in the beloved Great Friend set and the coordinating Great Kindness Die Set (sold separately) will work with either stamp set! Sprinkle a little kindness on someone's day with these beautiful stamps. See below for approximate size references of images.

Sample by Julee TilmanSample by Maureen PlutSample by Laurie SchmidlinSample by Marisa Ritzen

This set released in August 2016. For more inspiration using Kindness Matters please visit our Design Team Gallery.

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Size reference (approx) of stamps:

  • Scatter kindness like confetti, 1.375" (w) x 1.625 (h)
  • Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, 1.375" (w) x 2.25 (h)
  • Thanks for being so kind, 1.375" (w) x 1.375 (h)
  • How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it. - Elliston, 1.75" (w) x 1.5 (h)
  • Kindness matters, 1.5" (w) x 0.5 (h)
  • Be kind and brave, 1.125" (w) x 1.5 (h)
  • That's all you ever need to be, 1.125" (w) x 0.875 (h)
  • kindness it's a beautiful thing, 1.5" (w) x 0.5 (h)
  • Sprinkle each day with kindness, 1.5" (w) x 1.375 (h)
  • Large flower, 2.375" (w) x 2.375 (h)
  • Medium flower, 1.875" (w) x 1.875 (h)
  • Samll flower, 1.5" (w) x 1.5 (h)