Calendar Countdown

Calendar Countdown
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DISCONTINUED. This item has been retired and is no longer available.

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Sample by Christyne KaneSample by Christyne KaneSample by Betty WrightSample by Julee Tilman

Calendar Countdown is a 6 x 8" set of 47 clear photopolymer stamps. Perfect for calendar projects, birthday and anniversary cards or scrapbook projects, this set includes the numbers 0 - 31 for making any calendar combination you might need, plus the days of the week and written out years twenty-twelve through twenty-fourteen. For die cuttin fun, combine this set with our Flag It Die Set or Banner Bundle Die Set. See below for approximate size references of images.

This stamp set released in February 2013. For more inspiration using Calendar Countdown, check out our design team gallery.

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Size reference (approx) of stamps:

  • Numbers 0 - 31 approx. 0.5" (h)
  • Twenty-twelve, 1.125" (w) x .5"(h)
  • Twenty- thirteen, 1.125" (w) x .5"(h)
  • Twenty- fourteen, 1.125" (w) x .5"(h)
  • January, September 1.125"(w) x .75" (h)
  • February, 1" (w) x .75" (h)
  • March, .875" (w) x .5" (h)
  • April, ..625" (w) x 1" (h)
  • May,.5" (w) x .5" (h)
  • June, July, .75" (w) x .625" (h)
  • August, 1" (w) x .625" (h)
  • October, 1" (w) x .5" (h)
  • November, December 1.125" (w) x .5" (h)