With Love

With Love
Item# vs-0179

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Sample by Janelle Stollfus Sample by Andrea Ewen Sample by Amy Sheffer Sample by Laurie Schmidlin

With Love is a 4 x 8" set of 18 clear stamps. If you've ordered from us in the past couple of years, you might have received one of these appreciation stamps tucked in your order. Every so often we compile them together and release them as a set so everyone can enjoy them. It's always fun because these stamps mix and match so well with our previous releases.

For more compilation sets like With Love, check out Celebration of Thanks and Amazing Wishes. See below for approximate size references of images.

This stamp released in August 2012. For more inspiration using With Love, please visit our Design Team Gallery.

Coordinating Stamps & Dies:

Making a Statement Carpe Cupcake Text Objects Occasion Frame Die
Making a Statement Carpe Cupcake Text Objects Occasion Frame Die

Size reference (approx) of stamps:

  • bird, 1.25" (w) x 1.125" (h)
  • Thank You (typewritten text), 1.125" (w) x .875" (h)
  • with gratitude, 1.25" (w) x .5" (h)
  • thanks so much, 1.125" (w) x .5" (h)
  • cupcake, 1.125" (w) x 1.5" (h)
  • birthday blessings, 1.125" (w) x .625' (h)
  • you're on my mind, 1.125" (w) x .625" (h)
  • hello, .75" (w) x .5" (h)
  • glad tidings, 1.25" (w) x .75" (h)
  • wishing you peace, 1.125" (w) x .5" (h)
  • heart, 1.25" (w) x 1" (h)
  • just because, 1" (w) x .5" (h)
  • get well soon, 1" (w) x .5" (h)
  • sailboat, 1.25" (w) x 1.375" (h)
  • happy thoughts, 1.5" (w) x .5" (h)
  • with LOVE, 1.25" (w) x .375" (h)
  • thank YOU (script), 1.375" (w) x .25" (h)
  • thanks A LOT, .5" (w) x .25" (h)